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Distinguished Details is Lubbock's premier automotive protection studio, specializing in paint correction and refinement and Ceramic Pro® paint coating installations. We offer complete wheels off coating services, glass, plastic, leather and fabric protection systems, interior detailing, headlight restoration, deep scratch repair and wet sanding. We are driven by passion and good ol' hard work ethic and we aim to please the most discering of vehicle owners.

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Paint Correction & Refinement is the highly skilled ability to remove imperfections in paint finishes such as swirl marks, marring, random isolated deep scratches, etching, oxidation & texture  utilizing professional tools and high quality products to restore the paint and improve the gloss, depth and clarity, leaving you with a showroom finish. Stop by our shop and one of our Paint Correction Specialists will personally inspect your vehicle and outline a very specific regimen based off the condition of the paint and the desired finish you wish to achieve.


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