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Distinguished Details is Lubbock's premier automotive protection studio, specializing in paint correction and refinement and Ceramic Pro® paint coating installations. We offer complete wheels off coating services, glass, plastic, leather and fabric protection systems, interior detailing, headlight restoration, deep scratch repair and wet sanding. We are driven by passion and good old hard work and we aim to please the most discering of car owners.

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At Distinguished Details we strive to be at the forefront of our industry by providing only the best paint protection options available on the market. We have made it our goal to be able to offer these  solutions to you by attending classes, training and receiving the necessary certifications. We are the only authorized installer for Modesta here in Lubbock and all of West Texas and one of only five installers in the whole state.

Modesta is an industry leading paint coating based on a three-dimensional molecular frame. This technology creates an extremely durable clear glass layer for the automotive paints, glass, and metal; and the end result produces a “candy-like” gloss finish. Modesta reduces imperfections in the paint from wash-induced damages, etchings, oxidation, watermarks, salts, acids and environmental toxins. It’s water repellant properties provide the owner with a hydrophobic surface that is easier to maintain.

***Prices below include all prep work and a single stage of paint refinement. Some paint finishes will require MORE paint refinement which will INCREASE the price depending on the condition of the paint. Please call or come by to discuss further.***

What you need to know about ceramic coatings:

The world of auto detailing and paint protection is changing everyday. The market is constantly being flooded with sub-par products and less than knowledgable installers. Heres a few things you need to know, straight from Distinguished Details.

SML=$1500 MED=$1700 lRG=$1900 XLRG=$2100

Modesta BC-08

Modesta BC-08 is an organic paint coating with traces of zirconium that create a beautiful shine and luster on the paint while it’s three-dimensional matrix ensures excellent water repellency and self-cleaning. The coating’s thick layer acts as a self-scarifying barrier to protect the finish of the vehicle from scratches and marring as well as adverse environmental effects.

Protection: 3 years

SML=$2000 MED=$2200 LRG=$2400 XLG=$2600

Modesta BC-04

Modesta BC-04 is an extremely durable, organic pure glass coating that reflects light with specific wavelengths, producing an instant luminous shine and deep gloss. This unique paint coating contains photo-catalyzing agents that produce active oxygen when exposed to UV rays, thus preventing the attachment of contaminants to ensure ease of maintenance. 

Protection: 5 years

SML=$3000 MED=$3200 LRG=$3400 XLRG=$3600

Modesta Paul Dalton Private Label 

The very best Modesta has to offer. PD Private Label combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic technologies, thus delivering un​precedented shine, protection, resistance and self-cleaning effect. The PD Private Label consists of two separate parts - an extremely thick and hard inorganic base coat and a super hydrophobic organic top coat. Both of them combine during the application to form one durable protective layer, resistant to tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion, oxidation, chemical and mechanical damage.

Protection: 10 years